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The current human attention span for videos is about 15 seconds. While this might sound daunting, Chobee can help you use this current statistic to your advantage. Our quick demo videos enable you to show your prospects what your clinic can do for them in 10 to 15 seconds. This way, you can maximize viewer engagement and ultimately increase conversions


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Hennessy Laser Centre

Hennessy Laser Centre offers a variety of skincare treatments to both men and women. Enjoying an almost exclusive clientele of Chinese patients in the Richmond area, the clinic found its sales plummeting when a sudden increase in competition caused a sizable chunk of their clients to try other clinics in the area. Chobee was approached to turn the tide in their favor.

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For many years the Clinic had been the leader in Richmond for aesthetic procedures with a well-established client-base and the most current technology available. Unfortunately, they were caught off-guard when the cosmetic/aesthetics industry began to grow rapidly. With the opening of new clinics in its territory, the demand for their services was reduced as clients sought new experiences elsewhere. The Clinic knew that it had to modernize and aggressively market to retain its current client-base and to attract new clients.



The Chobee team understood that the Chinese community places a high value on reliable 3rd party validation and a celebrity endorsement of the Pico laser in China provided an opportunity to piggyback on growing product buzz.


To separate Hennessy from other Pico laser treatment providers, Chobee created and launched an exclusive treatment titled ‘Double-Pico Laser’ which combined the two devices that Hennessy owns (PicoSure and PicoWay).


To further identify and tie the Pico laser with a celebrity lifestyle, Chobee linked the price of the ‘Double-Pico Laser’ device to the Lamborghini supercar with its image of cutting-edge technology and wealth, and engaged WeChat KOLs to promote this idea exclusively to Hennessy treatment.


As a result of a joint effort between Chobee and Hennessy, 100 treatments were sold, and the clinic continues to enjoy the repeat business of many of the initial purchasers.
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