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There’s no better mouthpiece to advertise your clinic than your own patients. When done the right way, the voice of a previous/current patient recanting their experience at your aesthetic clinic creates a sense of empathy in prospective viewers that really increases their chances of becoming paying clients. Chobee’s team of media experts will create a video to achieve this objective.


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Midtown Medical Clinic

Dr. Charles Jiang is the founder of Midtown Medical Clinic. They provide top tier cosmetic medical services for both men and women. After discovering a unique cosmetic procedure which he was eager to explore, Dr. Jiang contacted Chobee to create a marketing strategy for it.

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One of the doctors, Dr. Jiang, expressed a desire to expand upon his success as a family physician by providing medical aesthetics at the Clinic. He had extensive experience as an emergency room surgeon in Shanghai, China, which gave him a thorough understanding of human anatomy. The Clinic created a new cosmetic department and approached Chobee to promote the new services and project the image and skills of Dr. Jiang to potential clients.



To capitalize on Dr. Jiang’s ability as a surgeon, Chobee chose a ‘non-surgical treatment’ for a procedure which is traditionally associated with surgery – a nose lift. A signature Patient Tour video would be created to showcase Dr. Jiang’s skills garnered from his years as a surgeon.


A Patient Tour video of a PDO (polydioxanone) Nose Thread Lift treatment was created which prominently featured Dr. Jiang and viewers were able to engage with him and build trust in him and the clinic.


Chobee created a customized WeChat campaign utilizing the PDO Patient Tour video and launched it in conjunction with WeChat KOLs.


Within 72 hours of the release of the campaign
the Clinic had received 30+ inquiries from potential clients for this specific treatment.