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Chobee is an industry leader in providing all-inclusive solutions to medical aesthetics businesses and professionals. Since our inception, we have garnered an impressive track record when it comes to enabling our clients increase their ROI, grow their business and tackle operational challenges. Now, we can do the same for you.

Whether you’re a medical aesthetics doctor, nurse or clinic owner looking to establish or expand your presence, we are your one-stop solution. With over 15 years’ combined experience, our team of qualified experts will not only provide you with a detailed plan for achieving your goals and objectives, but also execute the plan to ensure your vision becomes reality.

Lancho Cephivenus

Founder & CEO

In 2015, Lancho Cephivenus founded Chobee Marketing MD to redefine the medical aesthetic marketing process in Vancouver. His mission was to build unique customized marketing solutions for doctors and clinics that were struggling using generic pre-packaged products and out-of-date social media campaigns.

As Managing Director, Lancho’s leadership and progressive thinking have strengthened the position of dozens of companies by identifying gaps in business models that were improved upon, resulting in the generation of additional traffic and revenue. Chobee has also evolved into a company that is firmly committed to offering business development and client management to the growing Canadian medical aesthetic market.

Kane Dabir

Operations Manager

Dr. Nina He MD

Medical Director

Dr. Nina He is our Medical Director at Chobee, and a former cosmetic doctor at Yaletown Laser Centre. She is a skilled aesthetic practitioner with a keen interest in cosmetics and wellness based practice. She strives to help every individual feel their best, creating positive changes so that every person can achieve their goals and dreams. She has a thirst for knowledge and continues to pursue educational programs in order to provide the best practice in facial rejuvenation including Botox and fillers.

A graduate of the prestigious University of British Columbia, Dr. He holds a degree in Medicine which she completed in 2013. She went on to complete two years in the Queen’s general surgery program, as well as family medicine at the University of Alberta. She became a certified cosmetics injector in 2017 and now practices both in Vancouver and in rural emergency departments.

In her spare time, Dr. He is a pianist, enjoys the opera and symphony, and is also very active in yoga and dance.

Elena Lamont

Sales Representative

Dayan Chai

Director of Photography

Dayan firmly believes that beauty should not be defined through appearances but in the reflection of one’s aesthetic sensibility and personality. A visual artist to the core, he has a strong background in photography, videography, and expansive content storytelling.

Since joining Chobee, Dayan has successfully directed over 100 exclusive medical aesthetic videos covering all kinds of cosmetic treatments, medical seminars, interviews, and tours at facilities. His studies at UBC assisted in further cultivating an experienced eye and focus which is crucial to producing content vital to our clients’ success.

Outside of work, Dayan is a fan of anime and a skilled video gamer. When he needs a break from ‘all things digital,’ Dayan relaxes by playing the guitar.

Shakti Singh Cheema

Full Stack Web Developer

Over the last 6 years as a full stack developer, Shakti has designed, developed, and managed several web applications. He has built a reputation for achieving a seamless design and flawless user experience.

Having relocated from India to Canada in 2016 in pursuit of higher education, Shakti has now enhanced his skills and has consistently created visually stunning projects for Chobee’s clients since he joined the team.

Rayna Xue

Illustration + Interactive Designer

With an Art and Interaction Design background at Emily Carr University, Rayna is an expert when it comes to visual presentation and user experiences. Before joining Chobee, Rayna was a Visual arts instructor. As our interactive designer at Chobee, Rayna is the eye and logical thinker for all our services. She makes sure that “our Clients’ Clients” understand and interpret the right message being conveyed by our clients through her use of clear, stunning visuals and optimal UX interfaces.

Rayna is an all-round creative, and in her spare time, you’ll find her reading a book or making artistic sculptures to expand on her creativity.

Chantel Chang

PR Specialist

Chantel Chang is our PR specialist at Chobee. An expert in styling and image, Chantel does amazing work when it comes to projecting the best possible version of our clients to their prospective patients. On social media, her ability to easily translate Asian culture into western culture is an absolute delight for most of our clients and a strong complement to her marketing abilities.

Chantel’s extensive educational history is perhaps what makes her so good at what she does. She holds a degree in Business and Administration in Taiwan, a degree in commerce from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia, and two fashion design diplomas from two colleges in Canada.

Pam Zhao

Sales Representative

Tina Huang

Social Media Strategist

Tina Huang is our social media strategist at Chobee. She is a graduate of Simon Fraser University with a degree in communications. An avid lover of all things food, travel, and beauty, Tina created her personal Instagram page to connect and engage with people of similar interests. She successfully grew that page to over 20,000 followers within a relatively short period, which landed her a partnership deal with Air Canada. She now works with our team at Chobee, using her experience to organically grow our social reach.

When she’s not growing brands, you’ll find Tina at a trendy restaurant or tourist destination, indulging in her favorite hobbies.

Chobee HQ

Our office is situated at the fifth floor of a prestigious building located in Vancouver. The secure, private location provides us with the calm setting we need to focus on your project, as well as the mood for creative inspiration to develop “out of the box” concepts for moving your business forward.

At the Chobee HQ, Lancho and the team attend weekly events and have the ear of those developing what is happening next in digital technology, payment systems, social media, and the world in general.

Our team of creative specialists is an experienced group who excel in developing informative and dynamic campaigns for your business. We are passionate about our work and excel at developing uniqueness in this cookie-cutter world.

Chobee Team
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