What is a Corporate Identity Video?

Every medical aesthetics clinic needs something that sets it apart from the crowd. This sense of uniqueness helps to draw prospective patients to a clinic’s doors. Displaying a clinic’s offerings through a corporate identity video helps to explain their unique value proposition to observers considering making the decision to become a patient.

Our corporate identity video service is based on the use of a third-person perspective to help prospective patients understand the vision and passion behind each clinic’s medical aesthetics services. Chobee’s corporate identity videos focus on the production of content that is visually appealing and presented in an elegant manner that piques the client’s interest to spur further inquiries about a clinic, their staff, and their slate of services.

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Why Does My Clinic Need a Corporate Identity Video?

Today’s leading aesthetic marketing principles strongly promote the use of corporate identity videos to increase a patient’s comfort level with an impending procedure. The truth is there is no better vehicle through which to advertise a clinic than their own patients. When done correctly, the voice of a patient relating their positive experience at a medical aesthetics clinic removes the element of anxiety in prospective patients. This sense of familiarity with both the clinic, their staff, and their processes increases the probability of a viewer moving from simply an observer to a paying client.

There are many benefits to including a corporate identity video in a clinic’s aesthetic marketing strategy. Among the most compelling reasons are:

Increases familiarity with a clinic and its staff
Promotes feelings of trust
Reduces anxiety and fears of the unknown
Provides an excellent tool for use on social media platforms
Conveys a vast amount of information in a limited time capsule
Improves a clinic’s opportunities for Google first page rankings

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Why Should I Hire Chobee to Shoot My Corporate Identity Video?

Chobee has been providing industry-leading, all-inclusive marketing solutions to professionals in the medical aesthetics industry for over

15 years

We have a stellar track record of providing cutting-edge aesthetic marketing techniques to assist clinics with achieving their desired objectives.


Chobee employs a team of qualified aesthetic marketing specialists with the skills and dedication to help our valued clients turn their clinic vision into a reality. We offer a comprehensive suite of marketing services to medical aesthetics clinics to help them reach their operational objectives. Chobee has the aesthetic marketing experience and the personal drive to equip clinics with the toolsthey need to succeed.

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Chobee delivers the following services to leading medical aesthetics clinics:

A 4K quality video
of 60 seconds in
A unique video 100% originally produced by the in-house Chobee production team
Delivery of a corporate identity video within 72 hours of client commitment

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