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What is Business Plan Writeup?

A business plan is an essential first step in paving the way for the opening of a medical aesthetics clinic. Though many medical professionals opt to write their business plan themselves, employing a marketing firm like Chobee to perform a business plan writeup can be an effective way to gain better results when approaching banks or credit institutions for funding for start-up ventures.

Business plans provide a clear financial projection of the future of a medical aesthetics clinic. Chobee employs a team of professionals with the skills to carefully craft a business plan writeup that is an accurate reflection of each future clinic owner’s goals and their prospective needs. We have many years of experience of successfully securing loans from banks for our clients, enabling them to have the necessary cash flow to begin the building phase of their operations.

Our staff of aesthetic marketing professionals possesses in-depth knowledge of the aesthetics industry, providing them with a unique perspective to assist them with assessing each prospective business owner’s current situation and to craft an extensive business plan that contains realistic projections.

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Why Do I Need a Business Plan Writeup?

Any medical aesthetics clinic starts with a dream. But it can be difficult to translate that dream into a reality. Chobee’s team of business planning experts is able to take a prospective clinic owner’s vision and break it down into tangible parts, making it easily digestible, comprehensive, and accessible.

Among the benefits prospective clinic owners gain from cohesive business plan writeup from Chobee are:

Addresses general industry trends, the competition, and other external opportunities and threats
Define the addressable target market based on your clinic’s service offering and location
Projections on return on investment and credit protection features (for lenders)
Create financial projections based on reasonable market and operating assumptions
Concise explanation of the clinic’s vision
Understand the fixed and variable cost structure at various operating levels
Schedule of use of proceeds

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Why Should I Hire Chobee to Do My Business Plan Writeup?

While medical professionals are highly competent in their area of expertise, they may lack the financial acumen needed to present a convincing business plan to investors and lenders. The team at Chobee is very experienced at turning your vision into a well documented financial model that is necessary to support business plan. A well thought out business plan is necessary to fund the construction of a clinic.

With our professional help, we will ensure you will be armed with a strong business plan that will land you the investment money to get your venture started.

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