What is google?

Google is the world’s largest search engine, with about 70% of online searches being made on this site. Utilizing Google to expand your clinic is strongly recommended if you’re in the cosmetic/aesthetics industry. Our SEO experts have greatly improved the rankings of various cosmetic clinics using a combination of paid and organic methods. We can do the same for you.

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Chobee’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Chobee’s SEO has the sole purpose of getting your clinic ranking first on Google for high volume search terms that relate to your business. Chobee’s approach to SEO is results-oriented and aims to get more traffic for your website. Whether a business requires organic or map search SEO, our SEO specialists will deliver.

With a successful SEO process, your clinic will notice a remarkable difference in the amount of traffic and leads you get through your website:

Improved search engine results in rankings via Google search results
Better visibility for area customers via local SEO
Improved rankings on Google maps and other navigational tools
Better reach for customers within a specific geographical region with strong buying intent
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The Chobee SEO Process

To ensure a successful process, Chobee will perform an in-depth analysis of your clinic’s and provide you with a list of critical points of improvement.

Chobee’s Search Engine Optimization service includes the following:

Keyword Research

Research for highly relevant keyphrases and keywords that matches the services your clinic provides.

In-Page Optimization

Code or fix your website to ensure it has the proper website structure, content, word count, tags, meta data and other technical factors.

Building Links

We will build high-quality links to your website. These links will come from legitimate sources and comply with Google’s rules and terms.

Competitor Analysis and Response

We will carefully monitor your competitor’s search engine rankings and SEO actions, and formulate a response plan, if necessary.

Regular Traffic and Conversion Report

Once a month, we will send you an update report that shows the traffic progress and conversion actions on your website.

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Why You Should Hire Chobee For SEO?

If you are reading this, chances are you are not getting enough leads from your website. A properly optimized website should be an automatic lead-generating machine that works hard for you 24/7. Successful beauty clinics typically receive a constant stream of online inquiries throughout the day.

If your website is not doing that, then it is time to speak with our SEO experts at Chobee

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