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Chobee has a rapidly growing WeChat Official Account that publishes news solely focused on distributing content related to the medical aesthetics industry. Formally, we refer to our WeChat Official Account as “Chobee News”. By placing content about your clinic on Chobee News, we can promote your clinic on our account to expose your service to an even wider audience.

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The Chobee Medical Aesthetics Marketing team has been marketing in Canada's medical and beauty industry for

nearly 6 years.

During the six years, we have also built Chobee News and cultivated a large follower base. Our account accumulated a large audience of professionals and consumers on WeChat who are interested in staying up-to-date with the latest news in the medical aesthetics industry. You can tap into our network of followers and get exposure for your beauty products and services.

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Why Chobee News

Our WeChat News’ audience is mainly females between the ages of 20 to 50 and is also widely covered in medical aesthetic clinics in North America. This demographic is a perfect fit with the target demographic of beauty clinics. Chobee News enjoys a high degree of engagement by our followers because we provide innovative and up-to-date medical and technical information and share highly informative medical beauty case studies.

Chobee News is an effective gateway to tap into the ethnic Chinese population in Vancouver.

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Why You Should Promote Your Clinic on Chobee News

When you retain us to promote your clinic on Chobee News, we provide you with an all-inclusive package that includes:

Original content creation which includes article writing and graphic design
Content publication and promotion to followers through direct messaging
Feedback reporting on engagement and key performance indicators, such as views, session duration, inquiries, conversions, etc.
Response and reader engagement to further leads down the sales pipeline

Unlike other WeChat channels that publish on a wide array of topics, Chobee News has a singular focus - the aesthetics and beauty industry. Thus, our followers are also hyper-focused and highly engaged and all WeChat postings enjoy above-average engagement rates.

Ready to take your aesthetic marketing efforts to the next level?

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Join Us at Chobee News

Chobee News is your gateway to a highly engaged group of consumers and industry professionals who are eager to learn more about the latest trends in the aesthetics industry. If you want to enhance your reach and get your message out, we urge you to contact us!

Ready to take your aesthetic marketing efforts to the next level?

to see how Chobee News can help you.

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