Video Marketing

We are living in a digital age, and it is incredibly important to create stimulating and memorable video marketing which is crucial in reaching your clients. Chobee is recognized as a leader in content creation resulting in video that can be repurposed to populate all relevant platforms including social media. Carefully crafted video is one of the best ways to convey your corporate identity, share a featured product story, create a fashion experience, even walk a new client through a virtual patient tour. Ask about our unique specialty videos ‘Step-by-Step’ and ‘Chobee: 36 Questions Interview.’

Fashion Commercial

By emulating the style and artistic taste conveyed in high fashion advertising campaigns, we elevate the concept of your clinic and present it in a ‘fashion commercial’ to elicit an emotional response in the audience. Chobee creates an ‘experience’ which is a favoured selling-technique for reaching the Chinese market.

Featured Product Commercial

Let Chobee script, cast, shoot, and deliver a polished finished commercial for a specific product or treatment. Crafted to be ideal for social media and online sharing, the Featured Product Commercial is a valuable tool in your clinic’s marketing campaigns.

Corporate Identity

Do you struggle with how to describe your clinic? Let Chobee craft a cohesive corporate identity for you to ensure that your business is perceived the exact way you wish. Our team will examine what elements of your business – the clinic, the doctors and staff, the atmosphere – and combine these with a signature treatment to create an identity that is uniquely yours.

Patient Tour

Let your patients and potential clients walk in the footsteps of a Chobee selected ‘patient’ so that they virtually experience your clinic and targeted service from beginning to end. Depending on your campaign and the desired audience, we will bring in a key influencer, a model, local celebrity or personality to be the ‘patient.’ From your front doors to post-procedure follow-up, the Patient Tour is a highly-effective tool to engage.

Step by Step Demo

For many clinics, creating social media and website editorial is very difficult and time-consuming. At Chobee, our team is expert in identifying and creating the essential content for your clinic to publish easily and on time. By using time-lapse video, we can create smooth condensed demonstrations of the procedures and treatments by your team members.

37 Questions Interview

This is our most fun and entertaining offering! Too often, patients are daunted by their doctors, and an ice-breaker is needed. By using a light-hearted approach to bring out the personal side of your team, Chobee employs the ’37 Questions Interview.’ Inspired by fashion industry publications, we invite the doctor to answer questions about their hobbies, interests, likes and dislike, delivering a relatable video for your online use.

Event & Presentation

Many moments in life warrant capturing professionally. When your business hits important milestones, such as the Grand Opening, 5-year anniversary, or an important medical presentation, let our highly skilled team immortalize the occasion.

Featured Case Studies