What is Social Media?

Social media is the proper use of relevant websites and applications for the creation and sharing of content. These sites allow a business to elevate their online presence via the use of popular social networking platforms to reach a broader target audience. With research reporting that 64 percent of all Canadians, a number representing more than 22 million people, maintain active social media profiles, the use of these platforms is a vital aesthetic marketing strategy that all clinics should be utilizing. Among the most popular social networking sites, today are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Linkedin. These platforms provide a venue through which to engage with current and prospective clients via an easy to use online portal.

With the average consumer expending a minimum of two hours per day in online social networks, medical aesthetics clinics should be maximizing this marketing opportunity to promote their clinic’s products and services to a world of digital users on the hunt for the clinic for their next cosmetic procedure.

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How Can Social Media Help My Clinic?

Chobee employs a team of professional aesthetic marketing specialists who are charting the gold standard course in the proper use of social media platforms to assist medical aesthetics practices with improving their online visibility. The Chobee social media marketing team consists of designers, writers, and real influencers with the expertise to create digital content that is both unique and engaging to help drive traffic to their website.

Chobee implements the following strategies to improve a clinic’s online presence:

Conducting online promotions to attract new traffic
Clear outline of a clinic’s brand
Engaging content that catches a reader’s attention
Making an impact via appealing visual content
Encouraging patients, both past and current, to write honest reviews
Effective use of the most relevant social media platforms
Enabling cross promotion to different social media platforms and a clinic’s website
Increasing avenues for communication via Contact Us pages and call to action functions via Facebook

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Why Should I Hire Chobee for Social Media Services for My Clinic?

Chobee has been proudly serving Vancouver’s leading medical aesthetics clinics for over 15 years. Our holistic aesthetic marketing solutions enable our clients to realize greater new client acquisitions through an enhanced social media presence that promotes optimal visibility. We offer our valued medical aesthetics clients a broad range of marketing services to provide them with the tools they need to achieve their goals.

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