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What is Injector Express?

Injector Express is a “qualified injector on-demand” service that Chobee offers to any clinic and spa that want to include injections to its list of services. You can enlist Chobee’s Licensed Canadian Physician, Registered Nurse to provide injectables to your clients. Chobee will also take care of the inventory of injectables and equipment necessary to provide such service. Chobee has access to the most qualified injectors in the city and a stable supply of injectables. Chobee can provide a clinic with injection service on a highly flexible schedule and short notice.

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Is Injector Express Right For My Clinic?

Chobee’s Injector Express program has three main benefits:

On-demand service You retain us and pay only when you need the service. Unlike hiring staff, there is no fixed cost or contract retainer arrangement associated with this service.
Easy to get started and no administrative burden You can skip all the steps required to introduce injectables to your clinic with our program. You do not need to run a recruitment process to hire staff, select the right products to carry, outreach, and all the associated paperwork.
Wide selection of services without carrying any inventory Chobee carries over 100 aesthetic medical products which you can access without carrying yourself. Without carrying inventory, you can completely avoid the risk of shrinkage, loss and spoilage.

Who Will Perform the Injectable Procedures?

Our Injector Express program is executed by two highly qualified and experienced individuals: Dr. Nina He, MD, and Kevin Li, RN. Both Nina and Kevin have performed many cosmetic injection procedures and each has earned a solid reputation in Vancouver for being knowledgeable, friendly and professional towards every client.

We understand that you are entrusting your clients to us. Chobee will execute the Injector Express program with a high standard of care to ensure customer satisfaction at all times.

Below are profiles of Dr. Nina He, MD, and Kevin Li, RN.

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Don’t Miss Out on Injectibles

Chobee has successfully offered the Injector Express program to many clinics in Vancouver. It is a proven program that clients love while adding to a clinic’s bottom line. If your clinic does not offer injectables today, you may be missing out on a substantial market opportunity.

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