Experiential Marketing

To maximize returns from your clinic, you must create an environment that is unique to your brand. Work with Chobee to develop a marketing strategy that includes a multi-faceted approach to strengthen your presence both digitally and in-real-life with creative and memorable branding and graphic design, presentations, strong online presence, and event planning. We even offer interior design consultation to ensure that your client’s in-clinic experience is one that they desire to repeat again and again.

Branding Guideline

While some may say ‘a logo is a logo,’ we at Chobee understand that a strong logo provides the strong base on which all your company branding is built. Let our team create a professional branding guideline which conveys the story of your company’s aesthetics. With a logo built upon a strong concept with a perfect colour palette, precise typography, and minimalist graphics, we will create the fundamental visual identity of your clinic.

Wow Business Card

Let Chobee design the ultimate business card for your company that makes people exclaim ‘WOW’ when presented to them. Sharing a business card with a new associate or potential client is creating a mini-presentation and first impression at the same time. Do not miss the opportunity to ‘WOW’ them.

Takeo™ Brochure & Packaging

When Chobee creates your marketing materials, nothing less than Takeo paper is acceptable. This Japanese specialty paper company has been producing the finest selection of papers since 1889. Takeo is favoured by luxury brands, including Hérmes, for its unique quality, colour, and texture. Our designers have been educated explicitly on how to work with the characteristics of the paper and maximize their beauty.


Impressive PowerPoint

When your doctors are called upon to make presentations, a well-crafted Powerpoint is their best ammunition for effectiveness and success. Chobee has delivered presentations to audiences all around the world, and we understand the importance of presentations. Let our team create a customized Apple-style Powerpoint to ensure your doctors make a presentation that is not only professional, interactive, and above all memorable.

Better Website

Medical Aesthetics can be a challenging industry to convey accurately. Many times, websites are ‘too clinical’ or to results based, and alienate visitors. At Chobee we strive to communicate, even the most complicated of procedures/treatments, in easy to understand language and imagery. We are part of the medical aesthetic industry and have a solid foundation in understanding, not only the services but aesthetician requirements and industry regulations. Our team includes copy-writers, photographers, and video experts to ensure your website is completed to your specifications.

Bauhaus Interior Design

Interior design is more than sturdy furniture, decorative elements, and a few strategically placed orchids! The interior components of your clinic must also translate the need for structure and function into a unique atmosphere not only for your visitors, but for your staff, and business dealings. Chobee works with Bauhaus educated German Architects who specialize in creating comprehensive spaces in which your business will thrive.

Amazing Event Planning

Did you know that Chobee began as an event planning company? Believe us when we say that our team understands the dynamics of putting together a great party. Whether your company is creating an in-house event for your fantastic staff or looking to put on a large scale promotional event, we can have you covered.

Aesthetic Oriented Translation

Chobee is working with Ulatus™, an ISO certified and globally recognized translation company, to create the most accurate translation service for our clients. Asian languages will be translated for specific use in the medical aesthetics industry with all considerations taken to ensure the ‘translated term’ is reflective of the ‘actual marketing term.’ Furthermore, the Chobee delivered text for your digital and print needs will be reflective of your company’s unique language.

Featured Case Studies