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What is PR?

Public relations, a service commonly referred to as PR, is the art promoting and maintaining a favorable reputation between a medical aesthetics clinic and the public at large. Though a professionally designed website is an integral first step in any clinic’s aesthetic marketing profile, it is still vitally important to consider the promotion of practice both online and offline to reach the largest target audience.

Chobee’s PR services consider the promotion of your clinic through all media channels and pick the channels that have the best fit with your clinic’s objectives. This approach helps medical aesthetics clinics to realize new customer acquisition in neighbouring communities. We utilize all available mediums including events, sponsorships, radio, tv, and print ads to help our clients to achieve their goals and see an increase in direct offline prospect conversions.

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How Will PR Help My Medical Aesthetics Clinic?

Though medical aesthetics clinics could invest their marketing budget in television, radio, medical journals, or print advertising independently of PR services, these modes are much more costly and yield lesser results. PR has a highly credible profile which is backed by the reinforcement of highly respected media outlets who include clinic references in featured segments in popular news bulletins, thus providing a public endorsement at no cost to the clinic. However, for a business to reap the rewards of PR, the assistance of an aesthetic marketing specialist is required. The right PR firm can assist clinics with presenting their message in the correct light to draw the attention of the correct media outlets. Framing a clinic’s products and services in the right advertising forum helps clinics gain more referrals, more credibility, and more patients.

Among the PR strategies Chobee implements for their medical aesthetics customers include:

An increased social media presence
A more prominent role in the community via outreach efforts
An elevated public profile
A more proactive approach to advertising noteworthy events
A commitment to remaining current on medical aesthetics trends
A strengthened relationship with local hospitals for networking and assistance

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Why Should I Hire Chobee for PR Services for My Clinic?

With over
15 years
of top-tier aesthetic marketing results to their credit, Chobee is Vancouver’s leading firm offering comprehensive marketing solutions to medical aesthetics clinics looking to gain a competitive edge for their practice. Our staff of marketing professionals is highly skilled at providing our clients with a carefully constructed PR strategy to help them meet their operational objectives. Our aesthetic marketing solutions are comprehensive and encompass a vast range of services to provide clinics with the tools they need to achieve their goal of an increased customer base.

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