What is a Quick Demo Video?

According to the age-old adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, visual cues allow people to understand complex concepts in a very short amount of time. Quick demo videos are even more effective at explaining procedures to prospective customers in a fast and effective way. Research suggests that the average human possesses the ability to concentrate on visual content for a maximum period of 15 seconds. The aesthetic marketing specialists at Chobee understand the importance of capturing people’s attention and conveying a clinic’s message in a quick and easily digestible manner. To maximize viewer engagement and increase potential conversions, Chobee helps medical aesthetics clinics to showcase the benefits of a visit to their practice in a quick demo video of only 10 to 15 seconds in length.

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Why Does My Clinic Need a Quick Demo Video?

Quick demo videos allow prospective customers to understand how a certain beauty procedure works. Observing the procedure in action creates familiarity and comfort; seeing results from the procedure affirms the benefits of going through the treatment. Quick demo videos allow prospective clients to gain the information they need about a medical aesthetics procedure and alleviate any concerns without the need to invest a significant amount of time.


But quick demo videos are advantageous to clinic owners as well. Video offers both flexibility and convenience to the viewer but also to medical aesthetics staff who are no longer bound to appointments for procedural demonstrations which take up time but yield no revenue.

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Why Should I Hire Chobee to Shoot My Quick Demo Video?

Chobee provides professional video production services with a specific focus for clients in the medical aesthetic industry. The team at Chobee has the skills, experience and dedication to help our clinics turn their vision into a reality. Our video style is concise and effective.

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Chobee delivers the following services to leading medical aesthetics clinics:

A 4K quality video
of 60 seconds in
A unique video 100% originally produced by the in-house Chobee production team
Delivery of a quick demo video within 72 hours of client commitment

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