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What is WeChat Banner Ad?

The WeChat ad banner gets exposure for your business by being placed in purchased advertising space on popular influencer accounts with a large pool of followers that fits your target demographic. The banner ad is typically a small but eye-catching image about your business and its services. The ad banner contrasts from the advertorial in that the ad banner is a faster way of reaching the audience and requires much less preparation than a full advertorial article.

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How does the WeChat Ad Banner Work?

There are two types of WeChat ad banners that can work magic for your business:

Official Account Page:

Every official account has a public page that is similar to a Facebook page that is highly visible for its followers. Your clinic can purchase an ad banner placement on the official account’s header

On Account Content:

Every official account produces regular content for the enjoyment and consumption of its followers. An official account sells advertising placement (usually at the top) to businesses.

An official account grows a large and loyal group of followers by producing fun, engaging and informative content that adheres to a specific theme. To promote its content and ensure readership, official accounts can “push” its content in the form of a chat message to its followers. As followers open and read the new article, they will see the ad placement in the article.

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How Effective Are Banner Ads?

Through our WeChat influencer partners, Chobee has direct reach to hundreds of thousands of active users in Vancouver. The reach of our banner ads is unparalleled, ensuring that your ad will be seen and thus highly effective.


To ensure a high engagement rate, we carefully vet our influencers to ensure that their followers’ interests, location, and background match your target demographic. By picking the right influencer, we ensure that there is a strong overlap between your clinic’s services and the audiences’ interests.

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WeChat Experts You Can Trust

At Chobee, our experience and success with our clients demonstrate that we can use WeChat to effectively market your business to the ethnic Chinese market. If you are considering marketing to ethnic Chinese consumers, the WeChat Banner Ad is a true and tried method that you should seriously consider.

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