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Why Does My Medical Aesthetics Clinic Need a Website?

Websites help prospective clients to procure simple information such as a clinic’s hours of operation, their service offerings, and how to obtain an appointment, important details which help to transition a person from the role of a viewer to a patient. But a professionally designed website also helps a clinic to realize greater search engine rankings, making it easier for people to find and consider a medical aesthetics practice and its offerings.

The Chobee aesthetic marketing team is comprised of some of the country’s leading developers, copywriters, and media personnel. Our staff of media professionals possess the requisite expertise to create websites that are both visually stunning and highly effective at their primary role of attracting traffic. All Chobee websites are 100% coded and do not involve the use of templates. This important aesthetic marketing strategy helps clinics to increase their ranking on search engines thus improving their visibility to current patients and new prospects.

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Should I Invest Resources to Improve My Clinic’s Website?

A professionally designed website helps medical aesthetics clinics to stand out from the crowd. The expert team at Chobee understands the importance of implementing a simple layout which emphasizes a clinic’s brand while remaining easy for the viewer to navigate. With Google research reflecting that users lose interest in poorly constructed websites within 50 milliseconds, elements such as colours, images, spacing, fonts, and more form critical consideration points in a clinic’s website strategy. Since a clinic’s website is the first impression a customer has of the practice, the importance of getting it right cannot be overstated.

Among the reasons medical aesthetics clinics should consider website design from Chobee are:

To meet customer expectations of an online presence
To compile a comprehensive resource center for prospective customers
To maximize a cost-effective and powerful marketing tool
To create “social proof” of a clinic’s existence
To improve their Google ranking
To provide an ongoing narrative
To highlight products and services
To keep pace with competitors

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Why Should I Hire Chobee to Design My Website?

Chobee has the most experienced web development team in Vancouver that focuses solely on beauty clinics. Our portfolio of websites speaks to the quality of our work. We employ a team of highly qualified web development and UI/UX professionals that creates highly effective and professional looking websites.

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