medi spa investment

Medi Spa Investment

Have you ever considered investing in an industry that enjoys healthy margins, stable demand and a growing market? Medi spas maybe what you are looking for. Medi spas offer products and services at substantial margins to a captive population who are constantly looking for ways to enhance their appearance. The market for medi spa and medical aesthetic services continue to grow in Canada’s major metropolitan centers due to population growth and increasing wealth.

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What Medi Spa Investment Service Does Chobee Offer?

Chobee’s access to information, people and smart money puts it in a unique position to be a critical advisor for both spas looking for investment and investors looking for profitable investment opportunities in the space.

Chobee offers investors exclusive access to invest in new or existing medi spas and get a share of profits
Chobee can help medi spas to seek for investors and capital necessary to build or grow the clinic

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For Interested Investors, What is the Medi Spa Business Model in a Nutshell?

Medi Spas, short for “medical spas” is a hybrid between the traditional day spa and a medical clinic. A medi spa is a one-stop-shop for beauty conscious customers that can offer both relaxing spa services and medical procedures all under one roof.

Medi spas’ beauty services have stable demand due to a captive population that has a growing appetite for beauty services. Unlike other industries that purely competes on price, medi spas also compete on quality of service and brand recognition, thus allowing it profit margins superior to many other industries.

Medi spas have a substantial marketing advantage because medi spas have a large pool of existing customers in the spa business and can upsell medical procedures to those customers.

For these reasons, many investors find medi spas to have an attractive investment proposition.

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What Advantages can Chobee Provide?

Chobee’s sole focus on working in the medical aesthetic industry gives it unparalleled insight into all facets of the industry. With no ambiguity, Chobee has the most up-to-date knowledge that is critical to your success:

Latest consumer trends - what sells and what does not so you can focus on what works and avoid what does not
New products and innovations - we know what new products are coming to the market and will not be “caught off guard” and miss any opportunities
Competitive dynamics to avoid overcrowded segments and tap overlooked opportunities in the market
Proper service pricing and margin targets that match your clinic’s addressable market without under- or over-charging the customer to ensure maximum volume and maximum profits

Given Chobee’s unparalleled access to major players in the medical aesthetics market, we can provide high-value insight that can lower your investment risk while maximizing the chance of success of your medi spa.

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