WeChat Marketing

This super-app connects you and your clinic directly to the Chinese market by combining the power of Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Uber, and PayPal in one easy-to-access place. With more than 1 Billion ever-present active users, Chobee is your conduit to this lucrative market.

As an authorized third-party marketing company, Chobee begins by creating a WeChat account for you, and along with other customised features, engages three main strategies (Cost-per-Click, KOL Ad, Viral Campaigns) to drive qualified leads to your clinic. In Vancouver, Chobee represents 75% of the WeChat influencers in the medical aesthetic industry.  

WeChat Consulting

Let Chobee unlock the power of WeChat, the ‘Chinese social media super app’ at a consultation with one of our experts. This first step will give you the background needed to understand and move forward with one of the most potent engagement tools available today.

WeChat Pay

Let us introduce you and your clinic to WeChatPay and AliPay. These two mobile payment systems are the cashless preferred modes for purchasing by Chinese customers. Our experience shows that high net-worth individuals, immigrants, and international students experience difficulties when using traditional banking methods to purchase items and services. Offering these two options makes your clinic more attractive to a wider market.

WeChat Moment Post & Management

Let Chobee craft targeted posts to populate your WeChat ‘timeline.’ Effective communication with your current and future Chinese clients is very valuable, and we have the skills to ensure your social posts are engaging.

WeChat Moment CPC

Use our exclusive Chobee Cost-per-Click linking ads to develop a presence on WeChat users ‘feed’ to attract new leads to your WeChat accounts or businesses.

WeChat KOL GIF Banners

Benefit from Chobee’s relationships with a majority of WeChat influencers in Canada. With these established partnerships and collaborations, we will facilitate the placement of client banners (gif format) on the influencer’s WeChat Official Account. Your business will benefit from their influence.

WeChat KOL Advertorial

Take advantage of Chobee’s WeChat KOL relationships, with influencers and publications, to strengthen your advertising and marketing campaigns. With over 60 percent of the WeChat KOLs in Vancouver under exclusive contract with Chobee, we have a virtual lock on the market. We are number 1 in Canada having published over 200 original medical aesthetic advertorial campaigns in the past 3 years, which is more than number 2 through 10 combined! 

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