With more than 1 Billion ever-present active users, this super-app connects you and your clinic directly to the Chinese market. WeChat combines the power of Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Uber, and PayPal in one easy-to-access platform. In Vancouver, Chobee represents 75% of the WeChat influencers in the medical aesthetic industry. With our exclusive partnerships and well-constructed mediums for driving qualified leads to your clinic, Chobee is your conduit to this lucrative market.


Take advantage of Chobee’s WeChat influencer relationships to strengthen your advertising and marketing campaigns. With over 60% of the WeChat influencers in Vancouver under exclusive contract with Chobee, we have a virtual lock on the market. We are number 1 in Canada having published over 200 original medical aesthetic advertorial campaigns in the past 3 years- which is more than number 2 through 10 combined!


A WeChat banner is similar to a banner ad on Facebook or YouTube. Courtesy of our established partnerships with WeChat influencers, we will facilitate the placement of client banners (gif format) on their WeChat Official Account. Your business will benefit from their influence, garnering as many as 1 million views from this campaign.


Our concierge service delegates the management of your WeChat account to our WeChat team. We’ll create posts, make inquiries, and assist your patients to make bookings on your behalf. This relieves the burden of trying to understand the functionality of an app that is largely written in chinese, while also effectively utilizing the same app to grow your business.


WeChatPay is the preferred option for cashless purchasing by Chinese customers. Our experience shows that high net-worth individuals, immigrants, and international students experience difficulties when using traditional banking methods to purchase items and services. Offering this option makes your clinic more attractive to a wider market.

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Aside from our exclusive partnerships with major influencers on WeChat, Chobee also has a rapidly growing news channel that is solely focused on distributing content related to the medical aesthetics industry. We can promote your clinic on our channel to expose your service to an even wider audience.

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