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What is WeChat Pay?

WeChat Pay is the defacto standard as a payment method in Mainland China. Many Chinese nationals who travel of immigrated from China to Canada continue to use the same payment method in Canada to pay for purchases. You may even start to notice more and more stores with signs “WeChat Pay Accepted” at the door in the Vancouver area, especially Richmond.

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Reasons Why You Shall Not Miss Out on WeChat Pay

Consumers from China already have WeChat accounts linked to their account. When paying through WeChat, consumers can avoid the unnecessary hassle of money transfers, carrying cash, or exorbitant credit card foreign exchange fees. Given the convenience and the force of habit, a large portion of the mainland Chinese population will prefer to pay in WeChat Pay. To truly cater to and tap into the mainland Chinese market, your clinic should seriously consider offering WeChat pay as a payment option. For some consumers, WeChat Pay may even be the only available payment method for large purchases.

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How Does WeChat Pay Work?

The WeChat payment is highly efficient and is quite similar to credit card processing. Registration only involves a simple signup form and request to incorporate documents authenticate your corporate entity. The registration process will take less than a week. You will receive a physical WeChat payment machine. After setup, you can start accepting WeChat payments quickly. To accept WeChat payments, the customer will just use their phone to scan the WeChat payment machine. Your company will receive payments within 4-6 days.

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What We Recommend at Chobee

WeChatPay is the preferred option for cashless purchasing by Chinese customers.

Our experience shows that high net-worth individuals, immigrants, and international students experience difficulties when using traditional banking methods to purchase items and services. Offering WeChat pay makes your clinic more attractive to a wider market.

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How Chobee Can Help

At Chobee, we can help your business get set up with WeChat pay and get you competitive payment processing rates. We can help you make the WeChat payment integration process with your clinic seamless and easy.

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