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What is a Landing Page?

A landing page acts as a highly focused entrance to your website for an online advertising campaign. If done correctly, an effective landing page serves only one purpose - to convert to visiting viewers to actual customers. Chobee has helped boost traffic for various aesthetic clinics and medi spas through the use of effective landing pages. Our design and content creation team will develop a professional landing page is properly optimized, engaging and compelling enough to maximize your conversions and ultimately increase the clientele for your clinic.

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Why Do I Need a Landing Page?

A landing page is necessary if you are running an advertisement campaign online or offline. While your website is for general purposes for a reader casually browsing about your business, the landing page is a very focused purpose and is geared to a specific advertisement campaign.

For example, if you are advertising a laser skin treatment procedure, the landing page shall introduce the laser skin treatment, its benefits, details about your clinic and a call-to-action section to drive visitors to inquire about the service.

A landing page differs from a website in that it is hyper-focused on one singular topic on one page, whereas a website covers a broad range of topics over a large number of pages.

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Chobee’s Landing Page Creation Services

Chobee’s landing page creation services involve the following proven process:

Discovery: We listen and learn about your business, service offerings, strategic and marketing positioning, any pressing concerns and key objectives
Formulate a Message: We will then formulate a message that the landing page should express and provide an effective road path for user conversion
Copywriting: Effective copywriting is critical to any landing page. The writing style must be punchy, concise, clean and easily understandable.
Graphic Design: Our graphics design team will piece together the message, copywriting, and your brand into a highly attractive and attention-grabbing landing page design.
Conversion Tracking: We will closely monitor and track the performance of the landing page to ensure it is effectively converting visitors.
Fine-tuning: Based on feedback and on-the-ground intelligence, we will tweak and refine the landing page to improve its conversion rate over time.

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Why You Should Hire Chobee to Build Your Landing Pages?

Our in-house web development and marketing staff at Chobee is highly experienced in building landing pages. From content creation to web coding, our team has done a lot of the work in the area. Based on the results we have achieved for past clients, we are highly confident we can build effective landing pages that will drive a lot of leads to your clinic.

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