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What is WeChat Advertorial?

Due to a large and growing ethnic Chinese population in Canada, the ethnic Chinese population is a market segment that no business can ignore. WeChat is a very popular social media and instant messaging app that is used by the majority of the ethnic population both in China and abroad. Over 1 billion people spend at least 3 hours on the WeChat app. Chobee is an expert on WeChat marketing. We can help you tap into the highly affluent ethnic population in Vancouver through the WeChat platform.

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What is the WeChat Advertorial Service?

Advertorials utilize key influencers on the WeChat platform to post articles about your clinic and its services to get attention and leads. The articles seek to inform and ultimately turn interested readers into sales prospects for your clinic. Chobee handles the writing and translation, selection and re-processing of images. We ensure that the advertorial captures the attention of your target audience and clearly expresses your service offering, brand and advantages. Based on our experience, our advertorials on WeChat are highly effective for marketing medical aesthetic practices.

Since 2015 Chobee has published over 200 advertorials for medical aesthetic clients, making us the most influential publisher of content in the medical aesthetic space in Canada by the numbers of articles published. The number of advertorials we publish exceeds the combined amount of articles that the number 2 to 10 players publish!

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The Chobee Advantage

In addition to highly effective content, Chobee offers the unparalleled advantage of exclusive access with WeChat influencers and media accounts that reach the desired target population segment.


WeChat influences work the same way as influences on other social media platforms, such as Instagram. Influencers offer a constant stream of content that is consumed by a large following of users. Influencers often post on topics that relate to a specific theme or topic, which attracts users who are inherently interested in the topic.

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Exclusive Access

Chobee has exclusive agreements with key influences on WeChat in Vancouver who post on medical aesthetic-themed content.

The key influences who we work with have a strong following on the female population aged 20 to 50 in Vancouver. Given this concentration in demographic reach and our exclusive agreements,


can place your brand and content to the target audience in an effective and efficient way, ensure the success of your WeChat marketing campaign.

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WeChat Experts You Can Trust

At Chobee, our experience and success with our clients demonstrate that we can use WeChat to effectively market your business to the ethnic Chinese market. If you are considering marketing to ethnic Chinese consumers, the WeChat Advertorial is a must-have in your marketing arsenal.

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