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Nothing earns the trust of your patients better than letting them know you are knowledgeable in your field. Chobee’s expert talk service helps you achieve this in a lively, engaging manner by creating crisp, high definition videos of you talking about the cosmetic treatments you provide and sharing some valuable information about them. Place this infomercial on your website or on youtube to emphasize your competence at helping your clients achieve their beauty needs.

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Beautiful Canadian Laser & Skin Care Clinic

With the launch of a new product and the need to update the look of their interior space, Beautiful Canadian Laser & Skin Care Clinic contacted Chobee to help them tackle their marketing and interior design challenges.

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The clinic just launched a new treatment procedure called MiraDry, a laser treatment that reduces sweat and body odor. They also had an issue with the color of their interior space as it was not reflective of their brand image or the quality of service they provide. As such, Beautiful Canadian Laser & Skin Care Clinic required professional assistance in marketing MiraDry, as well as resolving their interior design issues.


Sales Video

Chobee created a crisp sales video describing the benefits of MiraDry. The video also included a short step-by-step video show-casing the MiraDry procedure in action. The goal was to create a visual element for the treatment which would resonate with patients dealing with body odor.

WeChat advertorial & concierge

In order to expand the reach of MiraDry, Chobee launched a marketing campaign on WeChat to gain the audience of Vancouver’s Asian market

Interior Design

To address the outlook of the interior space, we consulted with our network of professional painters to pick the perfect color blend for Beautiful Canadian Laser & Skin Care Clinic.


Chobee achieved an interior color that was not only in line with the current trend for aesthetic clinics, but that was also visually appealing to Beautiful Canadian laser Clinic and its patients.
Within two days of implementing our advertising prescription, Beautiful Canadian Laser & Skin Care clinic received about 15000 impressions on its website, many of which were immediate bookings for MiraDry.
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