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Candela was looking to establish its presence in Vancouver by targeting a distinct growing niche market in the city. Chobee has enabled the company to achieve this objective efficiently.

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Candela was looking to expand its brand by tapping into Vancouver’s rapidly growing medical aesthetics market. Their main objective was to increase the sales of their picoway pigment removal devices in the city. Picoway is one of the most expensive machines in the aesthetic market, with a listing price of $300,000. Candela planned to introduce PicoWay into Vancouver by marketing the device to medical aesthetics clinics and physicians that were targeting the Asian market in Vancouver.


Graphic Design

To ensure that Candela’s marketing strategy was effective, Chobee made sure to re-design all of their promotional materials with colors and elements that were visually appealing to the Chinese demographic. Eventually, these designs were not only used for Vancouver, but for the rest of Canada as well.


Various words in English arouse a completely different emotion when translated to Chinese. In order to maximize engagement and efficiency, Chobee re-worded the Chinese versions of Candela’s marketing material to connect with their intended readers in a way that would ensure conversions.


Candela’s PicoWay was promoted in various events we attended nationwide. Due to the success of our marketing strategy, our CEO, Lancho Cephivenus, was invited to speak at Candela’s Picoway event in 2017 and 2018. He has also been invited to various other events conducted by Candela and PicoWay, such as the launching of Candela’s HQ office in Canada.


As was stated earlier, Picoway is a very expensive aesthetic device, with a listing price of $300,000 as opposed to most aesthetic devices that fall between the $70,000- $160,000 range. Within one year of working with Chobee, the sale of its PicoWay devices has Doubled in BC in comparison to the three years prior to Candela working with Chobee.
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