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Create a sales video that is unique to only you. Whether it’s your story, location, mode/type of treatment you offer, etc, our team will learn more about your clinic and create a video (or series of videos) made solely for your brand to tell your customers why you’re the right fit for their next cosmetic treatment. Original creation videos are a great tool for achieving specific goals for your clinic.

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Contour Laser Centre

When Kelly Winslow- the owner of Contour Laser Centre- contacted Chobee, she was looking to sell her clinic. We enabled her to achieve this goal in record time.

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Kelly had made the decision to put Contour laser Centre on the market for sale. As she had never done this before, she needed professional assistance in creating and executing an effective strategy for showcasing the outstanding features of the clinic to potential investors, and, ultimately, finalizing the sale.


Sales Video

We created a video to quickly and elegantly introduce Contour Laser Centre to potential investors, explaining the benefits of acquiring the clinic to them.

Digital Marketing

We advertised the sales video on numerous digital platforms utilizing various advertising techniques to maximize its reach.

Medi Spa Investment

We provided guidance to Kelly on the pros and cons of selling to each potential investor that showed interest in Contour Laser Centre.


Within one month of execution of our prescription, Kelly had finalized the sale of Contour Laser Centre, along with all equipment leases needed.
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