Create a sales video that is unique to only you. Whether it’s your story, location, mode/type of treatment you offer, etc, our team will learn more about your clinic and create a video (or series of videos) made solely for your brand to tell your customers why you’re the right fit for their next cosmetic treatment. Original creation videos are a great tool for achieving specific goals for your clinic.

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Merz Aesthetics

Merz Aesthetics is a subsidiary of Merz Pharma, a recognized multinational healthcare company. Merz aesthetics provides a wide range of non-invasive aesthetic products and services to patients and physicians nationwide.

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To date. Merz is the only company authorized (in Canada) to distribute ULTHERA, a laser device for skin tightening and lifting. Ulthera is also one of the most popular products offered by Merz Aesthetics in Canada. As such, a growing number of counterfeit versions of these systems prompted Merz to take legal action against the makers of the knockoff devices. However, with the legal process taking too long to materialize, Merz decided to adopt a second strategy and educate both patients and physicians on the importance of using certified machinery for ultherapy procedures.


Original Campaign

To combat the massive marketing of fake Ulthera, we created an original campaign titled “I use Authentic Ulthera” where various authentic clinics gave their account of using authentic Ulthera. We edited their accounts to create an impactful video to promote the use of authentic Ulthera in the city.

WeChat Marketing

The “I use Authentic Ulthera” campaign was promoted on WeChat, utilizing the power of social media to spread the message even further.


Aside from pulling in over 50000 impressions for Merz, the “I use Authentic Ulthera” campaign helped them identify the fake Uthera accounts within one hour of its release. Over time, the campaign has significantly reduced the phenomenon of big promotions from clinics that use fake Ulthera devices.
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