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There’s no better mouthpiece to advertise your clinic than your own patients. When done the right way, the voice of a previous/current patient recanting their experience at your aesthetic clinic creates a sense of empathy in prospective viewers that really increases their chances of becoming paying clients.

Fashion Commercial

What separates your cosmetic clinic from others? Your level of service? Your unique cosmetic procedures? Your pricing structure? Our fashion commercial video service uses a third-person perspective to explain your unique value proposition to your prospective clients in a visually appealing and elegant manner.


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Chobee Iphone Frame
Chobee WeChat Advertorial


Our concierge service delegates the management of your WeChat account to our WeChat team. We’ll create posts, make inquiries, and assist your patients to make bookings on your behalf. This relieves the burden of trying to understand the functionality of an app that is largely written in Chinese, while also effectively utilizing the same app to grow your business.


Take advantage of Chobee’s WeChat influencer relationships to strengthen your advertising and marketing campaigns. With the top WeChat influencers in Vancouver under an exclusive contract with Chobee, we have a virtual lock on the market. We are number 1 in Canada having published over 250 original medical aesthetic advertorial campaigns in the past 3 years- which is more than numbers 2 through 10 combined!

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Profile Laser & SkinCare

Led by experienced laser technician Merry Zolfaghari, Profile laser & Skincare has been operational for over 30 years. After moving to Richmond- a city with a large Asian community in Vancouver- the clinic found it extremely hard to compete with the existing Chinese speaking aesthetic clinics in the city. With a few tweaks to their marketing strategy, Chobee enabled Profile Laser & Skincare to effectively cater to Richmond’s Asian market.

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With the move of an established business to a new location in Richmond, the client had difficulty competing with existing Chinese speaking aesthetic clinics. The language barrier proved to be more challenging to overcome than anticipated. Due to an inability to effectively market to the large Chinese market, the clinic engaged SEO and other traditional marketing methods for a year to market their latest acquisition – the SculpSure machine.



The clinic was enrolled in Chobee’s signature marketing program ‘WeChat Marketing All in One’ which fully utilizes all features of WeChat, with a significant portion of the client’s budget dedicated to running advertising on this platform. A total of 15 advertorials were created to promote Profile Laser Clinic on WeChat.


After in-depth research, Chobee created a list of community influencers who were invited to the clinic for complementary treatments. The clinic gained valuable feedback and 3rd party validation for their products and services.


On a daily basis, Chobee professionally managed the clinic’s WeChat account. We had a dedicated aesthetic sales consultant on site who replied messages and responded to inquiries on behalf of the clinic, and provided booking assistance. We also facilitated the publishing of 15 WeChat advertorials in leading publications to shape an elevated image of Profile Laser as the ‘only’ destination for SculpSure treatment in Vancouver.


In initial 6 months
Chobee facilitated the sale of an unbelievable
2800 treatments (consumable applicators) of SculpSure
This volume ranked the clinic number one in not only all of Richmond but the entire province of BC
The Return-On-Investment was an average of
650% within a six month period
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