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There’s no better mouthpiece to advertise your clinic than your own patients. When done the right way, the voice of a previous/current patient recanting their experience at your aesthetic clinic creates a sense of empathy in prospective viewers that really increases their chances of becoming paying clients. Chobee’s team of media experts will create a video to achieve this objective.

Expert Talk

Nothing earns the trust of your patients better than letting them know you are knowledgeable in your field. Chobee’s expert talk service helps you achieve this in a lively, engaging manner by creating crisp, high definition videos of you talking about the cosmetic treatments you provide and sharing some valuable information about them. Place this infomercial on your website or on youtube to emphasize your competence at helping your clients achieve their beauty needs.



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Rejuuv Medi Spa

Dr Shawn Seit is the owner of Rejuuv Medi spa and one of the earliest practitioners of medical aesthetics in the Greater Vancouver area. As with many larger clinics, Rejuuv medi spa was having serious time management issues.Its patients were having trouble understanding the various treatments and procedures available to them and this led to increased and unnecessary consultation appointments which put a huge strain on its consultation team’s schedule. See how Chobee improved this clinic’s time management issue.

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As is the problem with many larger aesthetic clinics, patients were having a difficult time understanding the range of treatments and procedures available to them. Individual consultations were eating into the Consulting Teams schedule, and Chobee was approached to improve time management and refine the consultation process.



This videography package is tailored for large clinics with a large menu of services available. For each service, the Chobee team creates a short informative demo video with descriptive text for the client to view at their convenience. This is a large undertaking, but the results speak for themselves. Clients are less likely to become overwhelmed at the options and clinic time is freed up for performing more treatments.


Chobee recognized that Dr. Seit and his team are leaders in medical aesthetics and that it was time to shed the first impression that the word ‘spa’ has on the image of the clinic. A bold new name that commands respect was created, and the client is currently undertaking steps to rebrand from ‘Rejuuv Medi Spa’ to ‘REJUUV MD.’ A Chinese name 煥新醫美 (Huan Shin Yi Mei) will also be added to assist in WeChat and direct marketing to this lucrative demographic.


The Clinic has an expansive client database and an existing wait list of patients who required attention. With the creation of the Step-by-Step Demo, the Clinic was able to streamline the workflow of the staff and free-up the Consulting Teams time. Now almost
100% of clients consult and book treatments through the clinic’s social media platforms.