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Nothing earns the trust of your patients better than letting them know you are knowledgeable in your field. Chobee’s expert talk service helps you achieve this in a lively, engaging manner by creating crisp, high definition videos of you talking about the cosmetic treatments you provide and sharing some valuable information about them. Place this infomercial on your website or on youtube to emphasize your competence at helping your clients achieve their beauty needs.

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There’s no better mouthpiece to advertise your clinic than your own patients. When done the right way, the voice of a previous/current patient recanting their experience at your aesthetic clinic creates a sense of empathy in prospective viewers that really increases their chances of becoming paying clients.


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Skin Institute By Marina K.

Founded by Dr. Marina Krasnopolsky,Skin Institute is a high-end skin care clinic in Toronto. As a socialite with an opulent lifestyle who wines and dines with Toronto’s elite citizens, Maria wanted to incorporate this side of her life into her marketing campaign to appeal to the same kind of market. She contacted Chobee after a previous company she had hired failed to accomplish this effectively.

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When Chobee was introduced to Dr. Marina K, she was looking for marketing techniques that would play upon her stature in Toronto society and her recognition, not only as a physician, but as a socialite, fashion icon, and a lifestyle influencer. The company she had initially contracted did not take these factors into account, and the product was lackluster and did not speak to her affluent associates and those who value her style.



Creating short-form video content that suited Dr. Marina K and her image was the key to realizing the finished product. The Chobee team conceptualized a new approach that was based on adding a defined personality to the products/services offered and edited the results in short 10 second bursts, similar to Instagram's Insta-stories.


Chobee deduced that a standard industry video would not be advantageous to Marina K’s clinic. By upgrading the standard format to a fashion commercial with a professional model over a regular patient subject, Chobee created an identity which acted as the basis for future marketing campaigns. Chobee worked with producers, fashion stylists, and makeup artists on site in order to create this beautiful production in the city of Toronto. The video employed edits and music consistent with ‘runway’ performances by top European design houses, and a fashion focus, which was key to impressing Marina’s target audience.



The Fashion Commercial debuted at the Skin Institute by Dr. Marina K Grand Opening event to a very positive response by both associates and guests. The video burst format has proven to be conducive to maximizing social media awareness of the Clinic.
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