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There’s no better mouthpiece to advertise your clinic than your own patients. When done the right way, the voice of a previous/current patient recanting their experience at your aesthetic clinic creates a sense of empathy in prospective viewers that really increases their chances of becoming paying clients.

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Skin Technique

Dr Christopher Pavlou’s Skin Technique clinic is a luxurious treatment centre that attracts a wealthy clientele with very high expectations. Understanding the importance of social media in the aesthetic industry, Dr Pavlou contacted Chobee to utilize the power of WeChat to establish their brand within the chinese community.

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As a physician and business owner, Dr. Pavlou understands the importance of marketing and how social media is an incredibly crucial aspect of a business. The marketing team at Skin Technique was very adept at utilizing traditional social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) but without a team member skilled in WeChat, the clinic was missing an essential social media component to target the Chinese market.



To capitalize on the model-like appearance of Dr. Pavlou and to appeal to the Chinese community, Chobee devised a campaign that emphasized not only the physicians’ aesthetic skills but also branded him as ‘The Yaletown Golden Bachelor’.


Continuing with the pre-established brand set for Dr. Pavlou, Chobee advertised him as the face of Skin Institute on WeChat, utilizing our network of KOLs on the platform to spread the word about the attractive, experienced physician ready to attend to their beauty needs.


The campaign to draw attention to Dr. Pavlou succeeded and with an informative supplemental questionnaire, similar to Vogue Magazine’s ‘73 Questions,’ Chobee was able to create a personal side to the doctor, and thus began the cultivation of ‘fan’ patients.
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