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The Rai Clinic Aesthetica

The Rai Clinic Aesthetica is a beauty and medical aesthetic clinic operated under the guidance of co-founders surgeons Dr. Kimit Rai and Dr. Hanif Ukani. For a while, the Rai Clinic website poorly communicated the services they offered both in its appearance and its content. Both doctors approached Chobee to help rectify this issue.

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Instead of being an online marketing tool and information receptacle for the business, the Rai Clinic website was a mish-mash of poorly written content, stock photography, and confusing information. The website was not a welcoming location for potential clients as it was created by a marketing company that did not understand the high standards expected by the medical aesthetics industry.



Working with the equipment manufacturers and product providers, Chobee was able to gather all the pertinent information and materials about every service and product that Rai Clinic was offering. With their unique understanding of the medical aesthetics industry, Chobee worked seamlessly with photographers, writers, and website designers to develop an online presence worthy of the clinic.


The original website development company did not procure the actual name of the clinic for the website. Chobee acquired to ensure SEO ranking and ease of locating for those searching.


The integration of social media into the home page of the website added a dynamic visual element.


The replacement website has launched and the fresh new approach to the presentation of the clinic, its philosophy, and the highly skilled team behind it, has already proved engaging to viewers. Within the first month, the website received 16,000+ impressions.
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