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What separates your cosmetic clinic from others? Your level of service? Your unique cosmetic procedures? Your pricing structure? Our corporate identity video service uses a third-person perspective to explain your unique value proposition to your prospective clients in a visually appealing, elegant manner that piques their interest and makes them want to know more about you.

Storyline Video

Create a sales video that is unique to only you. Whether it’s your story, location, mode/type of treatment you offer, etc, our team will learn more about your clinic and create a video (or series of videos) made solely for your brand to tell your customers why you’re the right fit for their next cosmetic treatment. Original creation videos are a great tool for achieving specific goals for your clinic



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Vancouver laser staff
Vancouver laser staff
Vancouver laser staff


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Chobee WeChat Concierge
Chobee Iphone Frame
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Our concierge service delegates the management of your WeChat account to our WeChat team. We’ll create posts, make inquiries, and assist your patients to make bookings on your behalf. This relieves the burden of trying to understand the functionality of an app that is largely written in Chinese, while also effectively utilizing the same app to grow your business.


Take advantage of Chobee’s WeChat influencer relationships to strengthen your advertising and marketing campaigns. With the top WeChat influencers in Vancouver under an exclusive contract with Chobee, we have a virtual lock on the market. We are number 1 in Canada having published over 250 original medical aesthetic advertorial campaigns in the past 3 years- which is more than numbers 2 through 10 combined!

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Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre

Vancouver Laser & Skincare centre is one of the largest medical aesthetic clinics in Canada. In 2017, they sponsored the Miss Chinese Vancouver event with the intention of establishing their brand within the Chinese community. Chobee ensured that the clinic achieved this result, which eventually turned them into one of our most loyal clients.

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This successful clinic had a strong desire to strengthen their brand image and push their services to the Chinese community via their position as one of the sponsors of the Miss Chinese Vancouver 2017 event, which was one week away.


Sales Video

For the event, Chobee created a corporate Identity Video; an informative brand positive video that could be showcased at an event attended by a captive audience of Chinese patrons. Given the small window of opportunity to complete the CI Video, Chobee undertook a whirlwind video shoot at the Clinic, while it was fully operational and 100% booked, and produced a final professional product within 72 hours.


The Chobee team was approached to follow-up on the success of the CI Video with one that created a storyline showcasing a specific product and engaged a local celebrity to be the model.


Cheryl Ng, Miss Chinese Vancouver 2017, was the ideal candidate for the first commercial collaboration between the Centre and Ulthera (Merz Aesthetics). As Ulthera is an especially popular treatment in the local Chinese market and Miss Ng had won this coveted title, Chobee created the concept, navigated the production with 3 different parties and created a second successful video. The success of that video has enabled Chobee to expand on this strategy by utilizing the influence of celebrities overseas, including signing pop singer G.E.M’s concert in Vancouver (30 million Weibo followers).


The Corporate Identity Video was well-received and is currently viewable as the official video for the company on the Centre’s website. The Ulthera collaboration video was a big success for both Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre and Merz companies, which ranks them the
No.1 Ulthera clinic in BC.