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25th September 2018

Chobee: More than a Creative Agency

Unlike other marketing businesses, the Chobee team is built of creative thinkers – we excel in creating informative video, crafting authentic writing, shooting visual artistry, and delivering a dynamic presentation. We are an experienced group made-up of individuals who are strongest when communicating creatively and are not feeling held-back by industry barriers. When you decide to work with Chobee, know that we will create a visual identity for your business like no other through many innovative channels.

The passion we feel for our work in medical aesthetics marketing is best exemplified through a wide range of options. For example, let us begin by building a stellar website for your business that is visual, informative, and easy for visitors to move through. Let us entice your website visitors with a beautiful and evocative Chobee Fashion Commercial or a Chobee Storyline with Feature Product video.

Both of these were conceived by our CEO Lancho Cephivenus, who is an award-winning fine artist; with creative input by our graphic designer Methyl Cheng, who is also a top photographer and published artist; and edited by Dayan Chai, a digital content creator with a love of film, anime, and the guitar.

Left to Right: Lancho Cephivenus, Dayan Chai, Methyl Cheng

Together these three creative’s brought sophisticated storytelling elements to each of these finished products.

Chobee is the creative agency for medical aesthetics. It is our focus and our passion. We are composed of a team of people known for their great taste, style, and vision. We are always working towards the common goal of making our clients look great. This is a sound strategy and one that acts as the foundation for our innovation and creative solutions which will engage your clients and produce results and profit for your business.

No matter how grand or modest your vision may be, we will be realistic in what we propose and what resources we will allocate. We will take great care about managing your expectations and always deliver more than you expect.

At Chobee, we understand medical aesthetics. Our Creative Team not only understands the procedures and treatments, but they have also experienced them in a clinical setting. Translating this understanding and first-person experience into true visualizations is what makes our product superior and incredibly relatable to our clients and their patients.

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