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17th September 2019

Candela Medical Yacht Party 2019

Candela Medical Yacht Party 2019


We kissed our summer goodbye with a yacht party thrown by Candela Medical and yours truly 😘

Who is Candela Medical?

Candela Medical, also known as Syneron Medical, is a US-based global company that produces and markets devices for cosmetic surgery procedures. Established in 1970, the company has changed the medical aesthetics world one device at a time. Their technologies have provided solutions to physicians around the world for a broad range of treatments including wrinkle reduction, acne, leg veins, cellulite, body shaping, tattoo removal, hair removal, scars, and more.

With Candela’s core values in Science, Results, and Trust

, they continue to create groundbreaking Devices which are widely used in the Medical Aesthetic industry.

I mean… they made THE laser legend, The PicoWay® system! PicoWay® is an advanced laser solution for the treatment of acne scars, birthmarks, wrinkles, fine lines, tattoos and melasma. If that is still not impressive enough to you, 100% of the people on Realself.com says it’s “Worth it.”

A great product speaks for it self but 100% satisfaction is tough to beat yet it is the standard that Candela has set for themselves.

We are so honoured to have one of the most trusted brands as our client. If they can put all their trust in Chobee, you can too. 😉

Who was invited to this exclusive party?

We love attending parties like these because it is always great to meet new member of the industry and of course, to re-connect with our current clients. One of being Dr. Gidon Frame, who is the Medical Director of Anti-Aging Medical and Laser Clinic in Vancouver. He is one of the most experienced and respected cosmetic injectors in British Columbia. Dr, Frame’s mission is to change people’s lives by optimizing their brain, body, and cosmetic functions through his practices. How amazing is that?

When we say we have the best clients in the world, we really mean it; our clients turn into family as we always take that extra step to exceed their expectations.

You might’ve also spotted our beautiful Medical Director of Chobee MD, Dr. Nina He!

In case you guys didn’t know, Nina is a graduate of the prestigious University of British Columbia, holding a degree in Medicine. She went on to complete two years in the Queen’s general surgery program, as well as family medicine at the University of Alberta. She became a certified cosmetics injector in 2017 and now practices both in Vancouver and in rural emergency departments. We are super proud to have such a skilled practitioner as our leader!

How UN-BEE-LIEVABLE was this party?

We had the best time sailing off of a luxurious yacht on the coast of Granville Island. The spacious vessel is composed of 3 levels, allowing all of us to live our Wolf of Wall Street fantasies. We felt like celebrities sailing away and enjoying the breath-taking views of Vancouver.

We watched the beautiful sunset and couldn’t have asked for a better time. Have I mentioned there was an open bar? Oh yessss, trust me when I say we had a BLAST that evening.

This was the perfect way to end our summer and kickstart the beginning of fall. Thank you so much to Candela Medical for hosting this amazing party. We are so blessed to have the best clients in the industry. Cheers to many more years of success together!


Please shoutout to the DJ Pete Tsopeis 


Written By: Tina Huang


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