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25th October 2019

What is Tik Tok ? The Untapped Marketing Platform

What is Tik Tok? The next social media platform that you should watch out for.

Tik Tok, formerly known as Musicaly.ly, is the “Instagram for the mobile video age.”

What is Tik Tok?

If you never heard of this app before, you better start paying attention because it just might change the world like Facebook did back in 2008, and companies are taking note. In 2018 alone, Tik Tok was downloaded more than Instagram, Facebook, AND Snapchat with more than 1 billion downloads.

App Downloads Increasing Daily

Just like it’s hidden meaning of, “hurry up”, the app is compiled of REALLY SHORT (15 – 60 seconds in length) videos. Because who has the attention span of longer than a minute these days right?

Definitely NOT teens.

That is why TikTok has really hit the nail when it comes to engaging with the Gen Z population around the world. Around 60% of TikToks monthly users are aged between 16 to 24. This app is available in 155 countries , and also available in 75 languages. Which means this app is basically available to the WHOLE world (the whole world has 195 countries in case you didn’t know).

Other fun facts about Tik Tok demographics from around the world:

• Around 43% of TikTok’s users are located in India (around 20 million active users a month)

• Although TikTok started in China (and is HUGE with over 150 million daily users), 57% of their user base is located outside of China and India

• In Thailand, TikTok has been downloaded by 1 in 7 mobile users

• Americans LOVE TikTok with 26.5 out of the 500 million monthly users from the States

• TikTok is used by 1 in 8 individuals aged 18-24 in the United States

All the sources are from Influencer Marketing Hub, 2019.

So now I am sure you are all wondering: what makes this app SO GREAT that everyone around the world is so obsessed with it? What are the features of this app?

1. Video creation

Tik Tok Short Videos | Credit: Factor Daily

With many other social media apps, users simply consume the content with little interaction with the platform itself. By providing various editing tools, songs, sound effects, filters, etc., Tik Tok has made it super easy for their users to make high-quality short videos with little effort.

Users can film creative videos on the platform that can be sped up, slowed down, or edited with cool filters to make the video more mesmerizing for their followers.They can also film short lip-syncing videos to popular songs, and film “duets” with other users on the platform. The duet feature allow users to take another person’s video and add themselves to it.

2. Music partnership with Apple Music

Tik Tok Newest App to Discover Music & more

What sets Tik Tok apart from the other video platforms? They are the first Chinese app to join a partnership program with Apple Music. Not only did this move strengthen the copyright protection on the app, it also gave users more choices when it comes to choosing their background music. If you are on Tik Tok, you would know how important a good song is to your video. (It can make you go viral if you choose the right one at the right time)

3. Cool Video effects

Tik Tok Hundreds of Effects | Credit: Ejinsight

During your post creation on the app, you can include many cool effects such as split screens, stickers, GIFs, emojis, and transitions. It’s almost impossible to find all these features on a PAID App in the Apple or Google store. It is a miracle that all these features are available on a FREE video creation app. In other words, this app makes content creation A LOT easier for free.

4. Virtual money

Tik Tok Currency

One of the most unique features is that you can make money on Tik Tok via gift donations, from real people watching your videos. SAY WHAT?!

Basically, viewers of live streams have the capability of donating coins, a virtual currency that everyone can purchase within the app, to their favourite influencers during their live sessions. After the streaming ends, the influencer can collect 50% of the coins, transform them into Diamonds, and withdraw the Diamonds in correspondent to the monetary amount. That means the more follower and fans you have watching your streams, the more ‘gifts’ you will receive, and the more money you will make!

You no longer have to wait for a brand to approach you. Making money as an influencer has never been easier! This is definitely a huge IT factor for people who wants to make a little more money on the side because anyone can become an influencer on Tik Tok.

5. Live Streams

TIk Tok Live | Credit: Tyler Oliveira

As we have mentioned in the above, you can make ACTUAL REAL LIFE money through these live streams by interacting with your fans and followers.

Now that you know all the features of the next-big app. It is time to jump on the wave because remember, it is always easier to become an influencer today than tomorrow.


WE LOVE TIKTOK. We have explained to you why Tik Tok is awesome, with key demographic stats from TikTok users around the world. We have also talked about the key features of this app and why you should be on this app. We believe Tik Tok will take over the social media world by storm similar to what Instagram had done a couple years back. So you better act fast and download Tik Tok NOW!



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