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15th September 2018

Is Your Clinic Ready For Chobee?

On the surface, ‘marketing’ appears simple enough with many incorporating a ‘build it and they will come’ approach. While this may easier if your business involves services that everyone requires – such as providing food and water, fuel for vehicles, or electricity for homes – what if your business is more specific and not necessary for the population’s survival?

Medical aesthetics is an intriguing industry as only a small amount of users actually ‘need’ the treatments and procedures offered. This is an industry of ‘wants’ and not so different from other desires that people indulge in such as luxury cars, 5-Star dining experiences, designer labels, and pedigree pups.

New Clinic Hurdles
By now you realize that there is no ‘New Clinic’ checklist. Right now, every decision made in advance of opening your clinic is either benefiting or hindering its growth. Do you have a strong online presence? Is your website drawing in visitors and assisting with booking appointments? Are your marketing materials reflective of your space? If you are nodding your head, perhaps it is time to call Chobee and begin working on solutions to these common start-up problems. Our creative team will boost your digital presence with a website overhaul; develop, streamline, and brand your social media; and produce marketing materials that will never see the inside of a recycling bin.

Growing Pains for Mid-Sized Clinics
The past few years have been good for your clinic and you wonder is now the time to expand? Not only the equipment and services provided but in staffing and perhaps square footage. Hesitation is natural – why fix something that isn’t broken – you may think. Our CEO Lancho Cephivenus has worked with over 25 Canadian clinics in the past 3 years and has unparalleled industry experience to advise you on how to strategically push through your ‘comfort zone’ and grow your clinic into the next best version. Chobee offers clinic consulting, business planning, and Chinese staff recruitment.

Expansion for Established Clinics
When your clinic is winning awards for being ‘The Best of…’ and ‘Top Clinic for…’ do you know how to capitalize on this exposure? It may be time to talk WeChat. Reserved for our top clients, as an authorized third-party marketing company Chobee creates ultra-effective campaigns using three main strategies (Cost-per-Click, KOL Ad, Viral Campaigns) to drive qualified leads to your clinic.

It doesn’t matter the size of your clinic or which stage you are at in your business strategy, Chobee is the only marketing company in Canada that fully understands what your needs and desires. We work with investors, owners, developers, and managers of clinics, every minute of every business day. We are the experts in the medical aesthetics industry and are here to help you realize your fullest potential.

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