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15th September 2018

Lancho and the Strength of Chobee

As recent as ten years ago, cosmetic treatments were only associated with the rich and famous because they were priced out-of-range for the average person and only available at aesthetic clinics which were very likely to be located in posh neighbourhoods or shopping districts.

With 200+ businesses offering varying levels of medical aesthetic services in British Columbia, it is fair to say that the above no longer holds true, and innovators like Chobee CEO Lancho Cephivenus have identified this beauty niche and are capitalizing on it.

A few years ago, Cephivenus launched Chobee Public Relations with a goal of providing the burgeoning medical aesthetic industry in Vancouver unique customized marketing solutions for doctors and clinics that were struggling using generic pre-packaged products and out-of-date social media campaigns. The response was overwhelming, and what was once a ‘man with a plan’ has grown into a company employing/contracting almost 20 persons.

Cephivenus’ leadership and progressive thinking have strengthened the position of over 20 companies across Canada, by identifying gaps in business models that were improved upon, resulting in the generation of additional revenue of over $10M in the past year alone.

Cephivenus credits his two passions for the success of Chobee. “My participation in the fine arts since childhood and the study of business in Canada has given me a unique advantage over others in this market. Using beauty, whether it is in video, photography, words, or the type of models we work with, comes very naturally for me. At the end of the day, medical aesthetics is all about beauty, and this is my life.”

Assembling the Chobee team, not as a traditional professional unit, but as a cohesive group of creative’s, is what Cephivenus credits as the core of the company’s success.

“Our team is creatively strong, experienced, and growing. The Chobee approach is a refreshing alternative to the tired traditional marketing of medical aesthetics in this competitive time. The businesses that we chose to work with benefit immensely, both in customer/staff satisfaction and financially. It is very gratifying.”

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