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4th September 2018

What is WeChat and Why It is Important to Your Clinic?

While it would be difficult to imagine our world without Facebook or Instagram, you could be forgiven for imagining a world without WeChat. Most likely because most of us either haven’t heard of it or think it is similar to WhatsApp messaging.

Owned by Tencent, the Chinese internet giant that is worth more than Google, this multi-purpose social media mobile app launched in 2011. Today it has over 1 billion active users. Our CEO Lancho Cephnivenus refers to it fondly as a ‘Super App,’ and it is the third pillar in our marketing strategy for client clinics.

WeChat combines the power of almost all the Western social media apps into one portal for singular access. What makes WeChat powerful is not how it functions but how Chobee can make it work for you. Recently Cephnivenus made a presentation on the power of WeChat to Alma Lasers, the developer, manufacturer, and distributor of cosmetic lasers internationally. In it, he explains the four tenants of WeChat: Core, Social, Expansion, and Economy, and how each is used to connect people.

If you understand the basics of WeChat, skip ahead to the 5-minute mark and learn more about how Chobee can assist your business in gaining followers and marketing directly to these followers. Further to this, what makes us unique is the next level that we can take your WeChat marketing.

By employing third parties, Chobee expands your reach via WeChat KOL (top WeChat influencers and publications), WeChat CPC (placing paid ads in feed), and app’s like DealMoon (high-end bargain-oriented beauty site). Each of these techniques can be tailored to your clinic’s needs and are adjustable as your following increases and new opportunities present themselves.

If you want to know more about how next-level WeChat marketing can help build your business and create profit, contact us and we will set-up a meeting.

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